SDI Instructor Training Course

Items to be trained and evaluated by the lead trainer

Specialization and technical training

400m swimming without any gears (in 10 min)
800m fin swimming (in 17 minutes)
Dragging a tired diver
Underwater : Rescue the Breathless Divers in the Water
Surface Rescue : Rescue the Breathless Divers on the surface
Ability to demonstrate technologies required for open water processes
(land technology, surface technology, underwater technology)

Items to be trained by the lead trainer and evaluated by the evaluation trainer

Specialization and technical training

3 randomly selected assessment of the open water process

Course Skills Evaluation

Evaluation of academic ability
Evaluation of the capacity of restricted water
Evaluation of the capability of open water
A theoretical examinationc

Training course schedule

SDI instructor courses are organized into a recommended week for 8 to 9 hours of education per day (education 6 days, assessment 1 day)

Day 1
Trainer introduction
Introducing the ITIEC Course (TrainingAssessment)
Document Preparation : Leader Grade Application, General liability release and express assumption of risk
Confirmation of pre-qualification (qualification) conditions : medical certificate, copy of certificate, etc
SDI Regulations and Procedures
Day 2
Swimming / Pin Swimming Evaluation
Waterman technology and technology identification and training 1
A course of instruction
Day 3
Wortman-ships and Technical Training 2
A course of instruction
Day 4
Wortman-ships and Technical Training 3
Training on restricted waters
Day 5
Training on restricted waters
Education of Open Waters
Day 6
Education of Open Waters
Final preparation for evaluation
Day 7
Specialization and Technical Assessment
Evaluation of restricted water river
Evaluation of Open Waters
Evaluation of department classes
A theoretical examination