Discovery diving

Enjoy discovery-diving and sailing at once.
No swimming, but OK! A professional trainer will guide you in a friendly and safe manner.

Price 130,000 Won

Includes : Education, equipment rental, yacht tour, photography and video shoot

Recreation Diving

A yacht diving tour with a wide rest area and a variety of auxiliary facilities.
Our expert instructor guides us on the beautiful sea of Jeju. Comfortable moving and surface breaks with a variety of auxiliary facilities available only on yachts.

2tank (basic) 160,000 Won

1tank Add 80,000 Won

night diving 80,000 Won

Equipment Rental (Full set) 30,000 Won

schedule : Morning and afternoon 2 times each


Price (two people in one room) 180,000 Won

2tank + BK Hotel Jeju (two people in one room)

one people in one room : 20,000 Won (1day)

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