Moon Island Point

Best popular diving point island

In Seogwipo, it is the first diving point to come to mind. drift diving, mixed with various fish and corals.

Moon Island is so close that you can get there in about 5 minutes by boat from Seogwipo Port. It is a small island consisting of the main island and the main island, but it is the most famous diving point in Jeju. It boasts a beautiful underwater environment. There are many mosquitoes in Chinese characters. It was called ' muin seom ' because there was no one growing on the island. The story of Moon Island seems to be more compelling. Now, there are so many evergreen forests in the island that it is accompanied by the young island of Uital Island. It has been designated as a cultural asset (designated as a cultural heritage monument No. 45) and is protected.


Points in direct wall form

Soft coral

Various aquatic organisms

Moon Island, Baby Island on the right

Estern Breakwater Point

It seems simple, but it's colorful.

Stop the prejudice that there will be no more to see since it is a beach point! Points widely known for discovery-diving and education-diving. A variety of hidden sights

As the cold winter passes and spring approaches, the Seogwipo estern breakwater starts to be crowded with discovery divers and students entering scuba diving. The eastern breakwater point is the most comfortable diving point in Seogwipo, consisting of 5 meters near the site and 15 meters deep. It is a convenient spot for beach diving and is often undervalued as it is a very rare place to see the splendid operation of Jeju sea. But if you look closely, you will find many interesting friends hiding in every nook and corner. This time, let's have a chance to meet some interesting friends at the estern breakwater point.


Bambooleaf wrasse

Chromis notata

Hinge-beak shrimp


Soft corals Point

A flower-like mountain

A place of great enjoyment Points that can only be met by boat or yacht diving The splendid heaven of arithmetic

The most famous feature of Seogwipo diving is the colorful Yeonsanho colony. There is a diving point where the cute Yeonsanho colony reminds us of a flower garden. That's where the flower-like point is. It is one of the most beautiful diving points available only with MobyDick's yacht and the JSA boat diving. A depth of about 20 meters, towering rocks, a valley of rocks, and a colorful soft coral hole covering it are the most beautiful things that divers can ever meet.


Luster sea anemone

Antipathes white coral

Ecklonia cava & Chromis notata

Soft coral & Chromis notata


The magnificent rocky masses can see the canyon, the arched spectacle, the lobster between rocks, the Niphon spinosus and the stone Dome.

Carl Cave

A short but powerful cave! Point enabling beautiful photography with light coming through a hole in the ceiling

Seop Island

A familiar but always new point where you can see as many different kinds of fish as the Moon Island, such as flatfish and sea animals.